Sunday, January 2, 2011

welcome baaaack!

Whoa,Whoa and Whoa! It's the 2nd day of the new year,and I woke up early,decided to drink a cup of hot chocolate and observe the busy street on our veranda when I actually opened the door and a gust of COLD wind greeted me. Great! I thought it was actually snowing outside,it's colder than December (bummer). Anyways, I ditched my morning drama-rama, and just be satisfied by the comfort that our warm kitchen was able to provide. I browsed the web and saw my blog. It has been 3months since my last blog,crappy eh? So..I decided to start the year,by blogging (duh for me),  I guess I've been a busy bee the past few months, having work,getting promoted and all. (bow). Looking back, I kinda felt those months to be surreal. Time flew fast alright. And of course, Christmas and New Year has been great with friends and family around..AND, I decided to let go of that one thing I should have let go years ago (yay for me?). I'm excited to what this year, MY YEAR will bring me. I hope that everyone started their year great and in the arms of their loved ones!  Here's to a NEW me, and to NEW beginnings! CHEERS! :)

ps. yes,i will blog more this year to enhance brain activity.


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