Saturday, December 31, 2011


YES! Another year had gone by.Another year that was full of memories which were sad and happy and blissful. Okay,since I haven't blogged last December, I think it's my right to make this one lengthy.LOL. I'd just want to enumerate and share all the things that made an impact in my life last year,in no particular order.

1. Training Department.  

I was in a different department since the day I was promoted at work,unfortunately, February of last year,that department decided they do not need the work of the position that I was in,so we were given a week or two to be trained for another position. However, I felt that if I would have that position,I wouldn't be happy. Luckily,the Training Dept. opened slots for the position that I currently had,but then you have to go through exams and interviews and a presentation which,thank God I passed. I was accepted by the dept., and until today,I still thank God for. Everything really happens for a reason, if I was not kicked out of my previous dept., wouldn't be in Training right now and wouldn't meet the BEST Boss and Colleagues.I wouldn't ask for more. :)

2. Promotion.

Try and try until you die.Kidding! Until you succeed of course.A few months after I joined Training,I fell inlove with teaching. And so,due to that and the encouragement of others,I applied. However, I did not get the position at first try, I got it the second time I applied.  Before every new class, I would feel nervous and am having a lot of doubts,yet when I would already stand in front and start my discussion,I would feel the confidence surging through my veins slowly,and I would feel that I am doing what my heart wants.Though I am at times,complaining, just thinking about leaving the job makes my heart ache :(

3. Travels.

Due to stress at work, I decided to Travel! Manila and Cebu,2011.

4. Birthday.
I had the simplest birthday, yet I was with the closest people in my heart,plus I got calls from people I've missed. <3. That's what made it memorable.

5. Lucky Pick!

On my birthday,I won a book I've been wanting to have,on Multiply. And just this December,I won a Box Fan!LOL

It is now the first day of 2012 and I am both excited and nervous as to what this year may bring me. I plan to be more fit and to do better on my job, yet I am still confused as to what path to take regarding my profession. I hope this year,I'd have more happiness than the happiness I felt last year.Cheers to the New Year! :)