Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life's Simple Joys

Lately, I have noticed myself being emo when I am all alone. So, I came up with a list. I've compiled a list of things that usually makes my day and brighten my mood. I am a 'mababaw' person, so beware, you might find most of these corny.

1. Chocolates. I LOVE chocolates. I believe that if there's anything that can make you feel better,eating chocolates would! Need I say more? :))

2. Pillows. I love teddy bears, don't get me wrong. But, I don't know, I'm just more comfortable hugging pillows! I have a lot of them.

3. Text Messages. There was a point in my life when I clung unto my cellphone for dear life.Not literally, I just think of it as my security blanket. But I've outgrown it,almost. :) A text message from a friend or family member would always brighten my day :)

4. Hugs. Who wouldn't, right? I always feel warm inside whenever I hug my friends. I feel loved! Sometimes, I would wonder why some people would stare whenever I greet a friend with a hug, I'm not sure if they know we need 8 hugs per day!

5. A Blank Paper and A Pen. You might find this funny, but whenever I open my notebook,on a page I haven't written something yet, it actually excites me! The idea of having to write something that is yet a mystery thrills me.

6. Books. I have always believed that books can take you to places you haven't been to before. Whenever I want to shut myself off the world, I would read a good book. I remembered what my teacher during college told me , "when you read a book,it feels like you are inside that world, you are part of it", and I agreed with her. I am always amazed by how one of my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter Series, sometimes I'm on the verge of believing that she,herself, is a student at Hogwarts! She's such a genius.

This is actually my short list,maybe i'll come up with a longer one soon. How about you? What brightens up your day? :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

James Younghusband - The Teenage Dream (HD)

I came across this video,and I just think James Younghusband is soooo adorable! made my day.actually! ^_^