Friday, April 29, 2011

Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

"I love a happy ending, they are so rare" - Aro

YES. I am definitely a Twilight Saga fan! Since the news that a Twilight Saga Guide will be released, all I can think about is the date as to when I can put my hands on it.LOL. Call me 'mababaw' but I always get kilig whenever I try to watch Twilight and New Moon again. I was kinda disappointed with how Eclipse came out in the movie,I expected more since it was already the third installment :( But I am very much hoping that Breaking Dawn would not break my heart and just exceed my expectations. For now, I will be sharing to my fellow Twilight fans, an e-book in .prc format of the Twilight Saga Guide, which you will be able to read using mobipocket reader.I have posted the link of the mobipocket reader here as well. Enjoy!


-Team Edward forever, -c. <3