Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Hunger Within

This series,is I can say,one of my favorites! The plot,is fresh,the twists,the love story,everything that you can ask for in a book! Although I was happy that it took a short time for the last book to be released (meaning the agony of waiting for what will happen on the last book didn't last long),I of course am saddened with the fact that it would all end on the last book. No more salivating and getting crazy as to when I can put my hands on the next chapter. I am talking about the ever-famous THE HUNGER GAMES,ladies and gentlemen. And, since it would be turned into a movie, which I hope would give justice to how the book was beautifully written bu Suzanne Collins, I want to share this trailer. Team Peeta! ~woooot!~

Say,it's Archie!

I can still remember the time I first met this guy. My family and I are waiting to board the airplane,and being a kid and all,of course I went on exploring,then I saw him. I ran to my Dad and asked him if I can buy him.Yes,his name is Archie Andrews,and I've been a Fan since I was a little kid. Every month from that day on,I would ask either one of my parents to buy one Digest for me. I love the whole Riverdale Gang! But of course, I'd choose Betty Cooper,the Brainy Blondie with a kind heart and all-around mechanic among all of them (tee-hee!). Sometimes I really don't understand what heiress Veronica Lodge and Betty like about "Carrot-Top,freckled faced" Archie Andrews, I'm guessing it would be the 'Boyish Charm'. I also like his pal Jughead who thinks nothing but Hamburgers but I like Reggie 'The Snob' Mantle the least. Every character is memorable for me,from Mr.Svenson the Janitor to Polly, Betty's big sister. That's why when I saw this 400-page comicbook at National Bookstore,I felt that it was fate because it was just lying on the counter. I didn't think twice in buying it! I don't give spoilers but this comicbook will let you see how Archie and the Gang looked like the first time the comic was printed and how Archie came to meet all the other characters. This one goes to my 'Important Books' shelf. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boook Blog (Firsts)

Okay. It's 3 o'clock in the morning,and everybody's still asleep.I tried browsing through facebook and saw Chachic's Book Nook's 2011 favorites. Yes, I have developed passion in reading and writing since I can remember (But I guess Archie Andrews was really the root cause of it all), yet I never tried to blog a single review of the books I've read (except in high school), so here I am in, inspired by the site http://filipinobookbloggers.wordpress.com and  Chachic's Book Nook to start Book Blogging! One of the probable reasons why I haven't done it is maybe because I felt afraid I wouldn't give justice as to how that particular book should be reviewed,yet I'm gonna try now!LOL. And don't worry,I don't give out spoilers *wink*

These books would be 5 of the books I've read the year 2011,in which I've picked  randomly:

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I've been hearing good reviews about this book a LOT yet I put it in my TBR list just because I thought it's the usual YA story,in which of course,after reading it, I realized how wrong I was!And I have always loved Paris!

2. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Fan much?? I loooove Steph and her books! Anna and Lola made me feel like a teenager again. Though of course, each book is different from the other, I like them because they are like a breath of fresh air getting all gooey inside with scenes that you would really be able to relate to. I hope to meet my own Cricket this year <3

3. The Single Girl's To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk

The genre's that I actually read are usually YA's and Chiclit. And since Shopaholic, I never thought I'd find another good read that would make me enjoy,but this book did!

4. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

This, I can say is an interesting read. A combination of old and new worlds and yet,you wouldn't really know who's who.Sapphique,it's seconcd book is already on my TBR.

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

This book is beautifully written,and has the perfect spices that you'd want. What I like the most is that the heroine is kick-ass,and there's a different twist that you wouldn't expect.

So there.Hopefully and it's part of my New Year's resolution, to be able to review and blog about the books I have read so that I can share it with you guys.Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


YES! Another year had gone by.Another year that was full of memories which were sad and happy and blissful. Okay,since I haven't blogged last December, I think it's my right to make this one lengthy.LOL. I'd just want to enumerate and share all the things that made an impact in my life last year,in no particular order.

1. Training Department.  

I was in a different department since the day I was promoted at work,unfortunately, February of last year,that department decided they do not need the work of the position that I was in,so we were given a week or two to be trained for another position. However, I felt that if I would have that position,I wouldn't be happy. Luckily,the Training Dept. opened slots for the position that I currently had,but then you have to go through exams and interviews and a presentation which,thank God I passed. I was accepted by the dept., and until today,I still thank God for. Everything really happens for a reason, if I was not kicked out of my previous dept., wouldn't be in Training right now and wouldn't meet the BEST Boss and Colleagues.I wouldn't ask for more. :)

2. Promotion.

Try and try until you die.Kidding! Until you succeed of course.A few months after I joined Training,I fell inlove with teaching. And so,due to that and the encouragement of others,I applied. However, I did not get the position at first try, I got it the second time I applied.  Before every new class, I would feel nervous and am having a lot of doubts,yet when I would already stand in front and start my discussion,I would feel the confidence surging through my veins slowly,and I would feel that I am doing what my heart wants.Though I am at times,complaining, just thinking about leaving the job makes my heart ache :(

3. Travels.

Due to stress at work, I decided to Travel! Manila and Cebu,2011.

4. Birthday.
I had the simplest birthday, yet I was with the closest people in my heart,plus I got calls from people I've missed. <3. That's what made it memorable.

5. Lucky Pick!

On my birthday,I won a book I've been wanting to have,on Multiply. And just this December,I won a Box Fan!LOL

It is now the first day of 2012 and I am both excited and nervous as to what this year may bring me. I plan to be more fit and to do better on my job, yet I am still confused as to what path to take regarding my profession. I hope this year,I'd have more happiness than the happiness I felt last year.Cheers to the New Year! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

"I love a happy ending, they are so rare" - Aro

YES. I am definitely a Twilight Saga fan! Since the news that a Twilight Saga Guide will be released, all I can think about is the date as to when I can put my hands on it.LOL. Call me 'mababaw' but I always get kilig whenever I try to watch Twilight and New Moon again. I was kinda disappointed with how Eclipse came out in the movie,I expected more since it was already the third installment :( But I am very much hoping that Breaking Dawn would not break my heart and just exceed my expectations. For now, I will be sharing to my fellow Twilight fans, an e-book in .prc format of the Twilight Saga Guide, which you will be able to read using mobipocket reader.I have posted the link of the mobipocket reader here as well. Enjoy!

LINK: http://www.4shared.com/file/1CrxllzQ/Stephenie_Meyer_-_Twilight_Sag.html

-Team Edward forever, -c. <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life's Simple Joys

Lately, I have noticed myself being emo when I am all alone. So, I came up with a list. I've compiled a list of things that usually makes my day and brighten my mood. I am a 'mababaw' person, so beware, you might find most of these corny.

1. Chocolates. I LOVE chocolates. I believe that if there's anything that can make you feel better,eating chocolates would! Need I say more? :))

2. Pillows. I love teddy bears, don't get me wrong. But, I don't know, I'm just more comfortable hugging pillows! I have a lot of them.

3. Text Messages. There was a point in my life when I clung unto my cellphone for dear life.Not literally, I just think of it as my security blanket. But I've outgrown it,almost. :) A text message from a friend or family member would always brighten my day :)

4. Hugs. Who wouldn't, right? I always feel warm inside whenever I hug my friends. I feel loved! Sometimes, I would wonder why some people would stare whenever I greet a friend with a hug, I'm not sure if they know we need 8 hugs per day!

5. A Blank Paper and A Pen. You might find this funny, but whenever I open my notebook,on a page I haven't written something yet, it actually excites me! The idea of having to write something that is yet a mystery thrills me.

6. Books. I have always believed that books can take you to places you haven't been to before. Whenever I want to shut myself off the world, I would read a good book. I remembered what my teacher during college told me , "when you read a book,it feels like you are inside that world, you are part of it", and I agreed with her. I am always amazed by how one of my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter Series, sometimes I'm on the verge of believing that she,herself, is a student at Hogwarts! She's such a genius.

This is actually my short list,maybe i'll come up with a longer one soon. How about you? What brightens up your day? :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

James Younghusband - The Teenage Dream (HD)

I came across this video,and I just think James Younghusband is soooo adorable! made my day.actually! ^_^