Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Say,it's Archie!

I can still remember the time I first met this guy. My family and I are waiting to board the airplane,and being a kid and all,of course I went on exploring,then I saw him. I ran to my Dad and asked him if I can buy him.Yes,his name is Archie Andrews,and I've been a Fan since I was a little kid. Every month from that day on,I would ask either one of my parents to buy one Digest for me. I love the whole Riverdale Gang! But of course, I'd choose Betty Cooper,the Brainy Blondie with a kind heart and all-around mechanic among all of them (tee-hee!). Sometimes I really don't understand what heiress Veronica Lodge and Betty like about "Carrot-Top,freckled faced" Archie Andrews, I'm guessing it would be the 'Boyish Charm'. I also like his pal Jughead who thinks nothing but Hamburgers but I like Reggie 'The Snob' Mantle the least. Every character is memorable for me,from Mr.Svenson the Janitor to Polly, Betty's big sister. That's why when I saw this 400-page comicbook at National Bookstore,I felt that it was fate because it was just lying on the counter. I didn't think twice in buying it! I don't give spoilers but this comicbook will let you see how Archie and the Gang looked like the first time the comic was printed and how Archie came to meet all the other characters. This one goes to my 'Important Books' shelf. :)

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