Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Hunger Within

This series,is I can say,one of my favorites! The plot,is fresh,the twists,the love story,everything that you can ask for in a book! Although I was happy that it took a short time for the last book to be released (meaning the agony of waiting for what will happen on the last book didn't last long),I of course am saddened with the fact that it would all end on the last book. No more salivating and getting crazy as to when I can put my hands on the next chapter. I am talking about the ever-famous THE HUNGER GAMES,ladies and gentlemen. And, since it would be turned into a movie, which I hope would give justice to how the book was beautifully written bu Suzanne Collins, I want to share this trailer. Team Peeta! ~woooot!~

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