Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today is one of those days when I want to just be alone,eating,reading or window shopping.Since I really wanted to watch 'Despicable Me', I decided to try and go out of my comfort zone.I actually watched the movie,alone @_@ And I realized, I would never regret it. The fact that I enjoyed the movie so much,plus I get to see Agnes' cuteness (a character in the movie). After years of watching movies with a group or with someone,it is my first time again to watch a movie alone. I was hesitant at first because I was afraid that I'd look like a loser,watching a movie all by myself and all that, and I was also afraid that after the movie,I'd feel alone. And so the battle of my fears and the longing to watch a kiddie movie. Agnes' cuteness won ^_^. The 'commercials' began, and to my surprise, there were only the 5 of us watching (probably because it's a weekday). Okay, I am very tempted to give spoilers but I guess you should see for yourself.teehee! Aside from Agnes, i sooo love The Minions,they remind me of the aliens in 'Toy Story', I find their language funny and cute. I guess the plot is kind of predictable,though I really enjoyed most scenes, such as Gru reading to the kids the story of the Sleepy Kittens and the time Agnes showed her annoying 'move'. I find Gru's and Vector's place soo cool. And actually,until the Credits,I find the movie entertaining. I watched it in 3D by the way,and I think my money's worth it. After the movie,as I went out of the cinema,I actually felt fulfilled (watching the movie was actually my birthday wish.lol), I didn't feel alone,instead I felt more grown up,weird eh? I think being alone sometimes,makes you know yourself more and I think sometimes we needed that,in order for us to realize who we really are and what we are capable of,to breath, to be able to get away from our everyday dilemmas,and I am very glad,I did watch a movie this day. ;)


  1. oh.. la pako ka kita sini.. mas gusto ko mag watch toystory and tinkerbell. :)

  2. aww. Despicable Me is nice dear,you should try watching it.Lingaw :) I loooove Tinkerbell too! :)