Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Are You? [10.07.09]

I can't seem to find the right words to say
It's been years,but still you're not here 'til today
A feeling of longing surpasses my heart
A feeling of sadness,of pain,of being apart

I don't even know if you exist
All I have is this feeling that you do
That one day,in this crazy world,
You will find me whatever way you could

So,where are you? where are you?
Will you ever come for me?
Will you hold my hand until I fall asleep
And feel safe with you around?

I need to know now, I need an answer
Coz it's not easy hoping for a thing you're not even sure of
I feel my heart ache,I feel it breaking
When will you end this longing?

I hope you hurry,coz time is running
I am tired of always waiting
Come on now,stop hiding
And let's have a love that's neverending..
Come on now...

-This was supposed to be a song,but dunno how to put melody,etc. :P

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